Monitoring Dynamic Interactions Between Breast Cancer Cells and Human Bone Tissue in a Co-culture Model. Molecular imaging and biology Contag, C. H., Lie, W., Bammer, M. C., Hardy, J. W., Schmidt, T. L., Maloney, W. J., King, B. L. 2014; 16 (2): 158-166


Bone is a preferential site of breast cancer metastasis, and models are needed to study this process at the level of the microenvironment. We have used bioluminescence imaging (BLI) and multiplex biomarker immunoassays to monitor dynamic breast cancer cell behaviors in co-culture with human bone tissue.Femur tissue fragments harvested from hip replacement surgeries were co-cultured with luciferase-positive MDA-MB-231-fLuc cells. BLI was performed to quantify breast cell proliferation and track migration relative to bone tissue. Breast cell colonization of bone tissues was assessed with immunohistochemistry. Biomarkers in co-culture supernatants were profiled with MILLIPLEX(®) immunoassays.BLI demonstrated increased MDA-MB-231-fLuc cell proliferation (p?

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