The posterolateral portal: optimizing anchor placement and labral repair at the inferior glenoid. Arthroscopy techniques Cvetanovich, G. L., McCormick, F., Erickson, B. J., Gupta, A. K., Abrams, G. D., Harris, J. D., Romeo, A. A., Bach, B. R., Provencher, M. T. 2013; 2 (3): e201-4


The Bankart lesion is considered the critical lesion in anterior shoulder instability, in which the anteroinferior glenoid labrum separates from the glenoid rim. Technical advances in arthroscopy have ushered in a shift from open to arthroscopic Bankart repair. When one is performing an arthroscopic Bankart repair, proper portal placement is critical for success in labral preparation and anchor placement. Frequently, standard anterior portals are insufficient for inferior glenoid anchor placement and suture shuttling. The posterolateral portal-located 4 cm lateral to the posterolateral corner of the acromion-simplifies and improves anchor placement, trajectory, and anatomic capsulolabral repair of the inferior glenoid. We present our preferred technique for capsulolabral repair of the inferior glenoid.

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