Single intra-articular injection of adeno-associated virus results in stable and controllable in vivo transgene expression in normal rat knees OSTEOARTHRITIS AND CARTILAGE Payne, K. A., Lee, H. H., Haleem, A. M., Martins, C., Yuan, Z., Qiao, C., Xiao, X., Chu, C. R. 2011; 19 (8): 1058-1065


To test the hypothesis that in vivo transgene expression mediated by single intra-articular injection of adeno-associated virus serotype 2 (AAV2) persists within intra-articular tissues 1 year post-injection and can be externally controlled using an AAV2-based tetracycline-inducible gene regulation system containing the tetracycline response element (TRE) promoter.Sprague Dawley rats received intra-articular injections of AAV2-cytomegalovirus (CMV)-enhanced green fluorescent protein (GFP) and AAV2-CMV-luciferase (Luc) into their right and left knees, respectively. Luciferase expression was evaluated over 1 year using bioluminescence imaging. After sacrifice, tissues were analyzed for GFP+ cells by fluorescent microscopy. To study external control of intra-articular AAV-transgene expression, another set of rats was co-injected with AAV2-TRE-Luc and AAV2-CMV-reverse-tetracycline-controlled transactivator (rtTA) into the right knees, and AAV2-CMV-Luc and AAV2-CMV-rtTA into the left knees. Rats received oral doxycycline (Dox), an analog of tetracycline, for 7 days. Luciferase expression was assessed by bioluminescence imaging.Luciferase expression was localized to the injected joint and persisted throughout the 1-year study period. Abundant GFP+ cells were observed within intra-articular soft tissues. Transgene expression in AAV2-TRE-Luc injected joints was upregulated by oral administration of Dox, and downregulated following its removal, at 14 days and 13 months post-AAV injection.This longitudinal in vivo study shows that sustained and stable AAV-mediated intra-articular transgene expression can be achieved through a single intra-articular injection and can be controlled using a tetracycline-controlled inducible AAV system in a normal rat knee model. Highly regulatable long-term intra-articular transgene expression is of potential clinical utility for development of treatment strategies for chronic intra-articular disease processes such as inflammatory and degenerative arthritis.

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