Implications for programming strategy of the location of the active contact in subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE Connolly, P. J., Halpern, C. H., Baltuch, G. H., Danish, S. F., Jaggi, J. L. 2012; 19 (7): 1029-1031


We aimed to determine whether our targeting method for the subthalamic nucleus (STN) in Parkinson's disease informs the initial programming sequence. We evaluated 100 STN-lead pairs from 50 patients who underwent bilateral STN-deep brain stimulation operations. All patients had at least one year of follow-up. In each patient, we measured coordinates of the STN borders and determined the center from special T2-weighted MRI. We then measured the postoperative location of the lead tip by MRI registered to preoperative images. Finally, we determined the mode and active contact(s). Programming was monopolar 71% of the time. A total of 52% of left and 72% of right STN active contacts were located posterolateral to the STN center. In z, only 14% of the active contact(s) were >1mm below the STN center. Contacts 1 or 2 were active 90% of the time. The consistent location of active contacts suggests that initial programming began with contact 1 or 2.

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