Prognosis of seminal vesicle involvement by transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder JOURNAL OF UROLOGY Daneshmand, S., Stein, J. P., Lesser, T., Quek, M. L., Nichols, P. W., Miranda, G., Cai, M., Groshen, S., Skinner, E. C., Skinner, D. G. 2004; 172 (1): 81-84


Transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) of the bladder that extends directly into contiguous organs (pT4) portends a poor prognosis. The 2002 American Joint Committee on Cancer staging system does not include seminal vesicle involvement by primary TCC of the bladder. In this analysis we evaluated the clinical outcomes and prognostic significance of seminal vesicle involvement with TCC of the bladder after radical cystectomy.From 1971 to 2001, 1,682 patients underwent radical cystectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy for bladder cancer. Only those tumors that involved adjacent organs through the bladder wall (pT4) were included. Overall 132 male patients with a median age of 68 years (range 36 to 98) qualified for analysis. Patients were stratified into 4 subgroups of 1) direct extravesical prostatic stromal involvement only in 37 patients (28%), 2) prostatic stroma and seminal vesicle involvement in 37 patients (28%), 3) seminal vesicle involvement only in 10 patients (8%) and 4) other contiguous pelvic organ involvement (stage pT4b) in 48 patients (36%). Overall 88 patients (67%) received some form of adjuvant therapy. At a median followup of 12.5 years (range 0 to 15.2) clinical outcomes were analyzed including overall and recurrence-free survival using Kaplan-Meier plots.There was no significant difference in clinical outcomes or prognosis for groups 2 and 3, thus they were combined for analysis. Five-year overall survival for any seminal vesicle involvement (10%) was significantly worse than prostatic stromal involvement only (38%) but was similar to pT4b tumors (7%, p <0.0001). The 5-year recurrence-free survival for seminal vesicle involvement (14%) was also significantly worse than prostatic stromal involvement alone (68%) but similar to that pT4b disease (25%, p = 0.01). Results were controlled for lymph node status.Patients with extravesical tumor extension into seminal vesicles and contiguous pelvic organs are at high risk for recurrence and progression. Involvement of the seminal vesicles by direct extension of bladder TCC portends a prognosis similar to that of pT4b disease and should, therefore, be classified as such.

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