Congenital cervical stenosis presenting as transient quadriplegia in athletes. Report of two cases. journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume Ladd, A. L., Scranton, P. E. 1986; 68 (9): 1371-1374


The cases of two patients in whom complete but transient quadriplegia developed after an injury that was incurred while playing football are presented. Both patients were found to have a congenitally narrow cervical vertebral canal. Critical stenosis resulting in the transient quadriplegia occurred after a presumed injury to a cervical disc. In our opinion, a myelogram should be made for patients with a history of transient quadriplegia, numbness, or a burning sensation down the back or the lower extremities, even if other radiographic studies are interpreted as negative. Patients who have stenosis of the cervical spine should be advised to discontinue participation in contact sports.

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