The inframammary extended circumflex scapular flap: An aesthetic improvement of the parascapular flap PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY Siebert, J. W., Longaker, M. T., Angrigiani, C. 1997; 99 (1): 70-77


Parascapular free flaps traditionally have been designed obliquely across the back, corresponding to the descending branch of the circumflex scapular artery. The donor site of this workhorse flap has the drawback of a widened and frequently hypertrophic scar. In searching for aesthetic improvements in the donor site, we have progressively rotated the axis of this flap in an anterior direction. The end result of this modification is the flap we report here: the inframammary extended circumflex scapular flap. This flap has a longitudinal axis of rotation lying curvilinearly from the inframammary fold to the circumflex scapular artery within the triangular anatomic space. We have used this flap in 20 patients over the past 2 years. The vast majority of these cases were deepithelialized flaps with customized extensions of dorsal thoracic fascia to correct facial asymmetry. We feel that the inframammary extended circumflex scapular artery flap donor-site scar is well hidden within the inframammary fold, and that the unavoidable widening and hypertrophy of parascapular and scapular flap donor-site scars were minimized compared with traditional flap designs.

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