Identification of Cell Surface Straight Chain Poly-N-Acetyl-Lactosamine Bearing Protein Ligands for VH4-34-Encoded Natural IgM Antibodies. Journal of immunology Bhat, N. M., Adams, C. M., Chen, Y., Bieber, M. M., Teng, N. N. 2015; 195 (11): 5178-5188


B cell binding and cytotoxicity by human VH4-34-encoded Abs of the IgM isotype has been well documented. A VH4-34-IgM has recently shown a favorable early response in a phase 1 trial for treatment of B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Although its B cell ligand has been identified as straight chain poly-N-acetyl-lactosamine (SC-PNAL), the carrier of the sugar moiety has not been identified. Using nanoelectrospray ionization mass spectrometry, we identify the metabolic activation related protein complex of CD147-CD98 as a major carrier of poly-N-acetyl-lactosamine (SC-PNAL) on human pre-B cell line Nalm-6. Previous studies have suggested CD45 as the SC-PNAL carrier for VH4-34-encoded IgG Abs. Because Nalm-6 is CD45 negative, human peripheral blood B lymphocytes and human B cell line, Reh, with high CD45 expression, were examined for SC-PNAL carrier proteins. Western blot analysis shows that the CD147-98 complex is indeed immunoprecipitated by VH4-34-encoded IgMs from human peripheral blood B lymphocytes and human B cell lines, Reh, OCI-Ly8, and Nalm-6. However, CD45 is immunoprecipitated only from peripheral B lymphocytes, but not from Reh despite the high expression of CD45. These results suggest that human B cells retain SC-PNAL on the CD147-98 complex, but modulate the sugar moiety on CD45. Because the carbohydrate moiety may act as a selecting Ag for VH4-34 autoantibody repertoire, its differential expression on proteins may provide a clue to the intricate atypical regulation of the VH4-34 gene.

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