A Standardized Light-Emitting Diode Device for Photoimmunotherapy JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE de Boer, E., Warram, J. M., Hartmans, E., Bremer, P. J., Bijl, B., Crane, L. M., Nagengast, W. B., Rosenthal, E. L., van Dam, G. M. 2014; 55 (11): 1893-1898


Antibody-based photodynamic therapy-photoimmunotherapy (PIT)-is an ideal modality to improve cancer treatment because of its selective and tumor-specific mode of therapy. Because the use of PIT for cancer treatment is continuing to be described, there is great need to characterize a standardized light source for PIT application. In this work, we designed and manufactured a light-emitting diode (LED)/PIT device and validated the technical feasibility, applicability, safety, and consistency of the system for cancer treatment.To outline the characteristics and photobiologic safety of the LED device, multiple optical measurements were performed in accordance with a photobiologic safety standard. A luciferase-transfected breast cancer cell line (2LMP-Luc) in combination with panitumumab-IRDye 700DX (pan-IR700) was used to validate the in vitro and in vivo performance of our LED device.Testing revealed the light source to be safe, easy to use, and independent of illumination and power output (mW cm(-2)) variations over time. For in vitro studies, an LED dose (2, 4, 6 J cm(-2))-dependent cytotoxicity was observed using propidium iodide exclusion and annexin V staining. Dose-dependent blebbing was also observed during microscopic analysis. Bioluminescence signals of tumors treated with 0.3 mg of pan-IR700 and 50 J cm(-2) decreased significantly (>80%) compared with signals of contralateral nontreated sites at 4 h and at 1 d after PIT.To our knowledge, a normalized and standardized LED device has not been explicitly described or developed. In this article, we introduce a standardized light source and validate its usability for PIT applications.

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