Nasal Myiasis in Hinduism and Contemporary Otorhinolaryngology. Journal of religion & health Bosmia, A. N., Zimmermann, T. M., Griessenauer, C. J., Shane Tubbs, R., Rosenthal, E. L. 2014: -?


Various case reports on nasal myiasis written during the 1990s and 2000s state that nasal myiasis, which is known as peenash among South Asian natives, is a form of divine punishment in Hindu mythology, but do not provide citations from Hindu scriptures that would suggest this interpretation. This paper aims to discuss the phenomenon of peenash in a historical context by examining medical literature written during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, to identify Hindu texts contributing to the belief of some Hindus that nasal myiasis is a form of divine punishment, and to provide an overview of contemporary treatment for and management of nasal myiasis.

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