Debate: Whether branched/fenestrated endovascular aneurysm repair procedures are better than snorkels, chimneys, or periscopes in the treatment of most thoracoabdominal and juxtarenal aneurysms JOURNAL OF VASCULAR SURGERY Hertault, A., Haulon, S., Lee, J. T. 2015; 62 (5): 1357-1365


Vascular surgeons are an innovative group, and during the last decade, we have seen unparalleled advances in the endovascular treatment of extensive aortic pathologies. Collaborative efforts between surgeons and industry have introduced fenestrated and branched devices that are becoming more widely used, with wider regulatory approval, availability, and less need for customization. Prior to this, parallel stent approaches had been developed to fill the void where this technology was not available or for urgent cases. A separate and distinct body of evidence and expertise subsequently developed for both strategies. This debate explores where these approaches now sit in the armamentarium of vascular surgeons.

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