The brain, language, and schizophrenia. Current psychiatry reports Bhati, M. T. 2005; 7 (4): 297-303


Language is a defining and prominent feature in humans. This faculty is impaired in those with schizophrenia. Individuals with schizophrenia show numerous abnormalities in language function, including symptoms of disorganized speech, auditory hallucinations, thought disorders, and verbal memory impairments. Structural and functional brain imaging with neurocognitive testing shows various aspects of brain structure and function associated with language that also are abnormal in schizophrenia. This article comparatively reviews this research and relates it to understanding the symptoms and pathophysiologic features of schizophrenia. Understanding the neural basis of language and its disruption in schizophrenia provides a guide for diagnosis, subtyping, treatment, and future research.

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