Ropinirole in the treatment of restless legs syndrome. Expert review of neurotherapeutics Kakar, R. S., Kushida, C. A. 2005; 5 (1): 35-42


Ropinirole is an original nonergoline dopamine agonist indicated for the treatment of Parkinson's disease. However, recent developments in the study of restless legs syndrome have demonstrated another role for this drug. The symptoms of restless legs syndrome are responsive to dopaminergic agents such as ropinirole. The dosage of ropinirole needed to treat the symptoms of restless legs syndrome appears to be much smaller than what is necessary for Parkinson's disease therapy. The liver is primarily responsible for the metabolism of ropinirole, which has an elimination half-life of approximately 6 h. Ropinirole is generally well tolerated, with no serious adverse effects. Clinical studies have indicated that ropinirole can effectively reduce the motor symptoms of restless legs syndrome and improve overall sleep quality.

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