Exploratory insights from the right-sided electrocardiogram following prolonged endurance exercise. European journal of sport science Lord, R., George, K., Somauroo, J., Jain, N., Reese, K., Hoffman, M. D., Haddad, F., Ashley, E., Jones, H., Oxborough, D. 2016; 16 (8): 1014-1022


Prolonged strenuous exercise has a profound effect on cardiac function. The right heart may be more susceptible to this imposition; yet, right-sided chest leads have not been utilised in this setting.Thirty highly trained athletes at the 2014 Western States 100-mile Endurance Run from Squaw Valley to Auburn, California (body mass 68?±?12 kg, age 45?±?10 years, 57?±?15 miles per week) were recruited for the study. Pre- and post-race, a right-sided 12-lead ECG was obtained and data were extracted for P, R and S waves, J point, ST segment and T wave amplitude. Data were compared using Students T-test and statistical significance set as P?

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