FRACTIONATED TOTAL-BODY IRRADIATION AND HIGH-DOSE ETOPOSIDE AS A PREPARATORY REGIMEN FOR BONE-MARROW TRANSPLANTATION FOR 99 PATIENTS WITH ACUTE-LEUKEMIA IN 1ST COMPLETE REMISSION BLOOD Snyder, D. S., Chao, N. J., Amylon, M. D., Taguchi, J., Long, G. D., Negrin, R. S., Nademanee, A. P., ODONNELL, M. R., Schmidt, G. M., Stein, A. S., Parker, P. M., Smith, E. P., Stepan, D. E., Molina, A., LIPSETT, J. A., Hoppe, R. T., Niland, J. C., Dagis, A. C., Wong, R. M., Forman, S. J., Blume, K. G. 1993; 82 (9): 2920-2928


Ninety-nine consecutive patients with acute leukemia in first complete remission under age 50 (median age 27 years; age range 1 to 47 years) with a histocompatible sibling donor were treated with fractionated total body irradiation (1,320 cGy) and high-dose etoposide (60 mg/kg) followed by allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. Sixty-one patients were diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), 34 patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), 3 patients with biphenotypic acute leukemia, and 1 patient with acute undifferentiated leukemia. Thirty of the 34 patients with ALL had at least one of the following high-risk factors: age greater than 30, white blood cell count at presentation > 25,000/microL, extramedullary disease, certain chromosomal translocations, or the need for greater than 4 weeks of induction chemotherapy to achieve first complete remission. Cumulative probabilities of disease-free survival and relapse at 3 years were 61% and 12%, respectively, for the 61 patients with AML and 64% and 12%, respectively, for the 34 patients with ALL. By stepwise Cox regression analysis, significant prognostic variables for patients with acute myelogenous leukemia were the presence of acute graft-versus-host disease and increasing age, whereas for patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, significant variables were age and the development of cytomegalovirus-associated interstitial pneumonia. Complications related to graft-versus-host disease and relapse of leukemia were the major causes of death.

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