Medical and economic impact of autoimmune hepatitis. Clinics in liver disease Talwalkar, J. A., Kim, W. R. 2002; 6 (3): 649-667


AIH is a chronic liver disease that has been associated with hepatic failure and death in the absence of liver transplantation. As a result, AIH imparts significant medical and economic burdens on affected patients and health care delivery systems, respectively. The use of accepted methodologies for outcomes and health services research has identified emerging information on the epidemiology and natural history, HRQoL, and resource utilization for similar autoimmune chronic liver diseases such as PBC and PSC. Similar efforts are needed in AIH, and they are supported on the basis of existing data which suggest similar levels of disease burden compared to PBC and PSC. As a result, the ability to plan for disease management strategies in AIH that require the allocation of scarce resources will be feasible.

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