Optical Surgical Navigation for Precision in Tumor Resections. Molecular imaging and biology Harmsen, S., Teraphongphom, N., Tweedle, M. F., Basilion, J. P., Rosenthal, E. L. 2017


Optical imaging methods have significant potential as effective intraoperative tools to visualize tissues, cells, and biochemical events aimed at objective assessment of the tumor margin and guiding the surgeon to adequately resect the tumor while sparing critical tissues. The wide variety of approaches to guide resection, the range of parameters that they detect, and the interdisciplinary nature involving biology, chemistry, engineering, and medicine suggested that there was a need for an organization that could review, discuss, refine, and help prioritize methods to optimize patient care and pharmaceutical and instrument development. To address these issues, the World Molecular Imaging Society created the Optical Surgical Navigation (OSN) interest group to bring together scientists, engineers, and surgeons to develop the field to benefit patients. Here, we provide an overview of approaches currently under clinical investigation for optical surgical navigation and offer our perspective on upcoming strategies.

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