Continuous positive airway pressure therapy in obstuctive sleep apnea: benefits and alternatives EXPERT REVIEW OF RESPIRATORY MEDICINE Cao, M. T., Sternbach, J. M., Guilleminault, C. 2017; 11 (4): 259-272


Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a highly prevalent condition affecting persons of all age with an increasing public health burden. It is implicated in cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, neurocognitive impairment, reductions in quality of life, and increased motor vehicle accidents. The goals of OSA treatment are to improve sleep and daytime symptoms, and minimize cardiovascular risks.Areas covered: Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is considered the gold standard therapy that delivers pressurized air into the upper airway to relieve obstruction during sleep. Although CPAP is an effective modality of treatment for OSA, adherence to therapy is highly variable. This article highlights the benefits of CPAP therapy, along with alternative treatment options including oral appliance, implantable and wearable devices, and surgery. Expert commentary: CPAP therapy is the gold standard treatment option and should continue to be offered to those who suffer from OSA. Alternative options are available for those who are unable to adhere to CPAP or choose an alternative treatment modality. The most interesting advances have been incorporating orthodontic procedures in conjunction with myofunctional therapy in prepubertal children, raising the possibility of OSA prevention by initiating treatment early in life.

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