Optimal Pain Management After Cesarean Delivery. Anesthesiology clinics Sutton, C. D., Carvalho, B. 2017; 35 (1): 107-124


Cesarean delivery rates are increasing worldwide, and effective postoperative pain management is a key priority of women undergoing cesarean delivery. Inadequate pain management in the acute postoperative period is associated with persistent pain, greater opioid use, delayed functional recovery, and increased postpartum depression. In addition to pain relief, optimal management of patients after cesarean delivery should address the goals of unrestricted maternal mobility, minimal maternal and neonatal side effects, rapid recovery to baseline functionality, and early discharge home. Multimodal analgesia should include neuraxial morphine in conjunction with nonopioid adjuncts, with additional oral or intravenous opioids reserved for severe breakthrough pain.

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