Prophylactic amiodarone and lidocaine improve survival in an ovine model of large size myocardial infarction JOURNAL OF SURGICAL RESEARCH Li, T., Wei, X., Watkins, A. C., Sanchez, P. G., Wu, Z. J., Griffith, B. P. 2013; 185 (1): 152-158


Large animal models serve as a critical link in the translation of basic science to clinical practice. However, large animal models of myocardial infarction (MI), especially large size MI, have been associated with high mortality because of arrhythmia. The prophylactic effect of amiodarone and lidocaine were retrospectively reviewed in our ovine MI model.A total of 114 Dorset hybrid sheep with 25%-30% MI were included in the present study. The sheep were prophylactically treated with amiodarone plus lidocaine before ligation of the four to six coronary artery branches supplying the apex of the heart (arrhythmia prevention [AP] group, n = 45) and with epinephrine (shock prevention [SP] group, n = 49), respectively. The sheep without prophylactic treatment (no prevention [NP] group, n = 20) were used as the control group. The incidence of arrhythmia requiring treatment, mortality due to arrhythmia, hemodynamics, and arterial blood gas values during surgery were analyzed in these three groups.No significant difference was found in infarct size among the three groups. The incidence of arrhythmia requiring treatment was significantly decreased in the AP group compared with that in the NP or SP groups (4.4% for AP versus 35% for NP and 45% for SP groups; P < 0.05). The mortality due to lethal arrhythmia was 2.2% in the AP group, significantly lower than that in the NP group (15%) or SP group (18.4%). Other than the heart rate, no significant differences were found in the hemodynamic data between the AP and NP groups. Metabolic acidosis was not observed in any group, as indicated by the pH and lactate values.Prophylactic amiodarone plus lidocaine decreased the mortality due to lethal arrhythmia after acute MI in our sheep model without significant negative effects on the hemodynamics. However, epinephrine improved the hemodynamics but also increased the mortality due to lethal arrhythmia. Thus, prophylactic amiodarone plus lidocaine is recommended to improve the stability in a large MI animal model.

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