Multiscale technologies for treatment of ischemic cardiomyopathy. Nature nanotechnology Mahmoudi, M., Yu, M., Serpooshan, V., Wu, J. C., Langer, R., Lee, R. T., Karp, J. M., Farokhzad, O. C. 2017; 12 (9): 845-855


The adult mammalian heart possesses only limited capacity for innate regeneration and the response to severe injury is dominated by the formation of scar tissue. Current therapy to replace damaged cardiac tissue is limited to cardiac transplantation and thus many patients suffer progressive decay in the heart's pumping capacity to the point of heart failure. Nanostructured systems have the potential to revolutionize both preventive and therapeutic approaches for treating cardiovascular disease. Here, we outline recent advancements in nanotechnology that could be exploited to overcome the major obstacles in the prevention of and therapy for heart disease. We also discuss emerging trends in nanotechnology affecting the cardiovascular field that may offer new hope for patients suffering massive heart attacks.

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