Using Flow and Mass Cytometry to Demonstrate Robust Tissue Processing to Query Molecular Heterogeneity in Phase 1 of the Accelerating Medicines Partnership (AMP) - RA Network Wei, K., Rao, D., Zhang, F., Fonseka, C., Slowikowski, K., Keegan, J., Donlin, L. T., Turner, J., McGeachy, M. J., Meednu, N., Lieb, D., Kelly, S., Goodman, S. M., Boyle, D. L., Robinson, W. H., Utz, P. J., Firestein, G. S., Perlman, H., DiCarlo, E. F., Pitzalis, C., Filer, A., Boyce, B., Gravallese, E. M., Nusbaum, C., Lederer, J., Hacohen, N., Gregersen, P., Moreland, L. W., Holers, M., Bykerk, V. P., Raychaudhuri, S., Brenner, M., Anolik, J. H. WILEY. 2017

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