Microinstability of the hip-it does exist: etiology, diagnosis and treatment JOURNAL OF HIP PRESERVATION SURGERY Kalisvaart, M. M., Safran, M. R. 2015; 2 (2): 123–35


Symptomatic hip microinstability is now recognized as a potential cause of pain and disability in young patients. Causes of hip microinstability include underlying bony or soft tissue abnormalities and iatrogenic injuries of the hip capsule; however, many patients lack a clear underlying etiology. Treatment usually begins with an extensive course of non-operative management with an emphasis on activity modification and physical therapy. Surgical intervention should focus on treatment of the underlying cause as well as any associated intra-articular pathology. In many cases, arthroscopic suture plication can be considered when bony deficiency is not the cause. In this article, we will review the spectrum of symptomatic hip microinstability with a focus on the relevant anatomy, etiology, diagnosis and various treatment options.

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