Transforming Growth Factor Beta 3 (TGFB3) - a Novel Systemic Sclerosis Susceptibility Locus Involved in Fibrosis and Th17 Cell Development Identified By Genome-Wide Association Study in African Americans from the Genome Research in African American Scleroderma Patients Consortium Gourh, P., Remmers, E. F., Satpathy, A., Boyden, S., Morgan, N. D., Shah, A. A., Adeyemo, A., Bentley, A., Carns, M. A., Chandrasekharappa, S. C., Chung, L., Criswell, L. A., Derk, C. T., Domsic, R. T., Doumatey, A., Gladue, H., Goldberg, A., Gordon, J. K., Hsu, V., Jan, R., Khanna, D., Mayes, M. D., Medsger, T. A., Mumbach, M., Ramos, P. S., Trojanowski, M., Saketkoo, L., Schiopu, E., Shanmugam, V. K., Shriner, D., Silver, R. M., Steen, V. D., Valenzuela, A., Varga, J., Chang, H., Rotimi, C., Wigley, F. M., Boin, F., Kastner, D. L. WILEY. 2017

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