Clinical and Serological Features of Systemic Sclerosis in a Multicenter African American Cohort: Analysis of the Genome Research in African American Scleroderma Patients Clinical Database Morgan, N. D., Shah, A. A., Mayes, M. D., Domsic, R. T., Medsger, T. A., Steen, V. D., Varga, J., Carns, M. A., Ramos, P. S., Silver, R. M., Schiopu, E., Khanna, D., Hsu, V., Gordon, J. K., Gladue, H., Saketkoo, L. A., Criswell, L. A., Derk, C. T., Trojanowski, M. A., Shanmugam, V. K., Chung, L., Valenzuela, A., Jan, R., Goldberg, A., Remmers, E. F., Kastner, D. L., Wigley, F. M., Gourh, P., Boin, F. WILEY. 2017

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