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Budesonide irrigation with olfactory training improves outcomes compared with olfactory training alone in patients with olfactory loss. International forum of allergy & rhinology Nguyen, T. P., Patel, Z. M. 2018


BACKGROUND: Olfactory training (OT) helps many patients with olfactory loss, but unfortunately it is ineffective for a significant number of patients. Budesonide irrigations are widely used to help patients with paranasal sinus inflammation, but have never been tested as a treatment for olfactory loss. We sought to examine the effect of adding budesonide irrigation to olfactory training on patients with olfactory loss without any visible sign of sinonasal inflammation.METHODS: In this randomized, controlled trial, 138 patients with olfactory loss and without any visible sign of sinonasal inflammation were randomized to either OT with saline irrigations or OT with budesonide irrigations. The University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test (UPSIT) was administered at the beginning of the study and at 6 months.RESULTS: A total of 133 patients completed the study. Forty-seven patients (35.3%) had a clinically significant change in UPSIT score. Among those in the budesonide irrigation + olfactory therapy group, 43.9% improved, compared with 26.9% in the saline irrigation + olfactory therapy group (p = 0.039); this corresponds to an odds ratio of 3.93 (95% confidence interval, 1.20-12.88) in a fully adjusted model (p = 0.024). Younger age and shorter duration of olfactory loss were also significant predictors of improvement.CONCLUSION: Adding budesonide irrigation to olfactory training significantly improved olfactory ability compared with olfactory training plus saline irrigation.

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