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Noninvasive Detection of BCL2, BCL6, and MYC Translocations in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Kurtz, D. M., Scherer, F., Newman, A. M., Craig, A., Jin, M., Stehr, H., Chabon, J. J., Esfahani, M., Liu, C., Zhou, L., Glover, C., Visser, B. C., Poultsides, G., Advani, R. H., Maeda, L. S., Gupta, N. K., Levy, R., Ohgami, R. S., Davis, R., Kunder, C. A., Westin, J. R., Diehn, M., Alizadeh, A. A. AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY. 2016

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