Deception in clinical trials and its impact on recruitment and adherence of study participants CONTEMPORARY CLINICAL TRIALS Lee, C., Holmes, T., Neri, E., Kushida, C. A. 2018; 72: 146–57


Deceptive practices by participants in clinical research are prevalent. It has been shown that as high as 75% of participants withheld information to avoid exclusion from studies. Self-reported adherence has been found to be largely inaccurate. Overcoming deception is a critical issue, since the safety of study participants, the integrity of research data and research resources are at risk. In this review article, we examine deception from the perspective of investigators conducting clinical trials; we describe the types (concealment, fabrication, drug holidays and collusion), prevalence, risks, and predictors of deception, and propose an approach to reduce the impact of deception, especially on adherence, in clinical trials.

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