Traumatic brain injury among female veterans: a review of sex differences in military neurosurgery NEUROSURGICAL FOCUS Kim, L. H., Quon, J. L., Sun, F. W., Wortman, K. M., Adamson, M. M., Harris, O. A. 2018; 45 (6): E16


The impact of traumatic brain injury (TBI) has been demonstrated in various studies with respect to prevalence, morbidity, and mortality data. Many of the patients burdened with long-term sequelae of TBI are veterans. Although fewer in number, female veterans with TBI have been suggested to suffer from unique physical, mental, and social challenges. However, there remains a significant knowledge gap in the sex differences in TBI. Increased female representation in the military heralds an increased risk of TBI for female soldiers, and medical professionals must be prepared to address the unique health challenges in the face of changing demographics among the veteran TBI population. In this review, the authors aimed to present the current understanding of sex differences in TBI in the veteran population and suggest directions for future investigations.

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