Operative Techniques and Pitfalls in Donor Heart-Lung Procurement. Transplantation proceedings Salna, M., Shudo, Y., Woo, Y. J. 2018; 50 (10): 3111–12


BACKGROUND: Heart-lung transplantation is a well-established therapeutic modality for concomitant end-stage heart and lung failure. With growing organ scarcity, the rates of these transplants are declining, and center experience is waning.METHODS: With over 35 years of experience performing heart-lung transplantation, we describe our procurement protocol herein, as well as offer suggestions to avoid potential pitfalls in order to ensure technical excellence in harvesting these valuable grafts.RESULTS: Procurement issues most commonly arise with organ preservation and inadvertent damage to structures that are difficult to fully visualize.CONCLUSIONS: En-bloc heart-lung procurement can be taught effectively and safely to trainees with an emphasis on avoiding common pitfalls that may compromise graft function.

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