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Tactics to Prevent Intra-Abdominal Infections in General Surgery. Surgical infections Weiser, T. G., Forrester, J. D., Forrester, J. A. 2019


BACKGROUND: Abdominal infections following surgery have many severe consequences. Several effective, well-evaluated infection prevention and control processes exist to avoid these infections.METHODS: This manuscript reviews and provides supporting evidence for common management strategies useful to avoid postoperative abdominal infection.RESULTS: Prevention of abdominal infection begins with preparation of the environment using standard infection control practices. Peri-operative use of systemic antibiotics, an antibiotic bowel preparation in colorectal surgery, and effective antiseptic preparation of the surgical site all reduce infection rates. Peri-operative supplemental oxygenation, maintenance of core body temperature, and physiologic euglycemia will reduce both incisional and organ-space infections in the abdominal surgery patient. Strategic use of irrigation and drain placement may be useful in some circumstances.CONCLUSION: Specific methods of prevention are documented to reduce intra-abdominal infections. Prevention requires a multi-disciplinary team including the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and all operating room personnel.

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