Timing of blood pressure medications and intradialytic hypotension. Seminars in dialysis Wang, K. M., Sirich, T. L., Chang, T. I. 2019


Intradialytic hypotension (IDH) is a prevalent yet serious complication of hemodialysis, associated with decreased quality of life, inadequate dialysis, vascular access thrombosis, global hypoperfusion, and increased cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. Current guidelines recommend antihypertensive medications be given at night and held the morning of dialysis for affected patients. Despite little evidence to support this recommendation, more than half of patients on dialysis may employ some form of this method. In this article, we will review the available evidence and clinical considerations regarding timing of blood pressure medications and occurrence of IDH, and conclude that witholding BP medications before hemodialysis should not be a routine practice.

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