Years of Potential Life Lost Because of Cardiovascular Disease in Asian-American Subgroups, 2003-2012. Journal of the American Heart Association Iyer, D. G., Shah, N. S., Hastings, K. G., Hu, J., Rodriguez, F., Boothroyd, D. B., Krishnan, A. V., Falasinnu, T., Palaniappan, L. 2019; 8 (7): e010744


Background Asian-American subgroups (Asian-Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese) display varied cardiovascular disease mortality patterns, especially at younger ages. This study aims to examine the years of potential life lost because of ischemic heart disease and cerebrovascular disease among the 6 largest Asian-American subgroups compared with non-Hispanic whites. Methods and Results We used National Center for Health Statistics Multiple Causes of Death mortality files from 2003 to 2012 to calculate race-specific life expectancy, mean years of potential life lost, and years of potential life lost per 100000 population for each Asian subgroup and non-Hispanic whites. Asian-American subgroups display heterogeneity in cardiovascular disease burden. Asian-Indians had a high burden of ischemic heart disease; Asian-Indian men lost 724years per 100000 population in 2012 and a mean of 17years to ischemic heart disease. Respectively, Vietnamese and Filipino men and women lost a mean of 17 and 16years of life to cerebrovascular disease; Filipino men lost 352years per 100000 population in 2012. All Asian subgroups for both sexes had higher years of life lost to cerebrovascular disease compared with non-Hispanic whites. Conclusions Cardiovascular disease burden varies among Asian subgroups, and contributes to greater premature mortality in certain subgroups. Asian-Indian and Filipino populations have the highest years of life lost because of ischemic heart disease and Filipino and Vietnamese have the highest years of life lost because of cerebrovascular disease. Analysis of risk factors and development of subgroup-specific interventions are required to address these health disparities.

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