No misrepresentation of vital status follow-up in PLATO: Predefined analyses guarantee the integrity of the benefits of ticagrelor over clopidogrel in the PLATO trial Commentary on: DiNicolantonio JJ, Tomek A, Misrepresentation of vital status follow-up: Challenging the integrity of the PLATO trial and the claimed mortality benefit of ticagrelor versus clopidogrel, International Journal of Cardiology, 2013 Serebruany VL. Discrepancies in the primary PLATO trial publication and the FDA reviews, International Journal of Cardiology, 2014 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY Wallentin, L., Becker, R. C., Cannon, C. P., Held, C., Himmelmann, A., Husted, S., James, S. K., Katus, H. A., Mahaffey, K. M., Pieper, K. S., Storey, R. F., Steg, P., Harrington, R. A., PLATO Investigators 2014; 176 (1): 300–302

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