The transition from hunterian ligation to intracranial aneurysm clips: a historical perspective. Neurosurgical focus Polevaya, N. V., Kalani, M. Y., Steinberg, G. K., Tse, V. C. 2006; 20 (6): E3-?


The description of cerebral aneurysms dates back to antiquity. Little was known, however, about the pathological mechanisms of aneurysm formation and treatment options for this disease until 200 years ago. The modern era of aneurysm treatment began with the hunterian ligation of the proximal artery, followed by clip and coil occlusion. In this article, the authors describe the transition from conservative therapy to internal carotid artery (ICA) ligation and gradual occlusion of the ICA to the direct placement of clips on aneurysms. The driving forces and rationale behind each major advancement are summarized, and the authors attempt to predict what these innovations mean for the future of intracranial aneurysm management.

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