Intramyocardial Injection of Mesenchymal Precursor Cells and Successful TemporaryWeaning From Left Ventricular Assist Device Support in Patients With Advanced Heart Failure A Randomized Clinical Trial JAMA-JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Yau, T. M., Pagani, F. D., Mancini, D. M., Chang, H. L., Lala, A., Woo, Y., Acker, M. A., Selzman, C. H., Soltesz, E. G., Kern, J. A., Maltais, S., Charbonneau, E., Pan, S., Marks, M. E., Moquete, E. G., O'Sullivan, K. L., Taddei-Peters, W. C., McGowan, L. K., Green, C., Rose, E. A., Jeffries, N., Parides, M. K., Weisel, R. D., Miller, M. A., Hung, J., O'Gara, P. T., Moskowitz, A. J., Gelijns, A. C., Bagiella, E., Milano, C. A., Buxton, D., Geller, N. L., Gordon, D., Burke, C., Lee, A., Smith, T., Moy, C. S., Weisel, R., Cardiothoracic Surg Trials Network 2019; 321 (12): 1176–86

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