Trans-cuff portal for arthroscopic posterior capsulorrhaphy ARTHROSCOPY-THE JOURNAL OF ARTHROSCOPIC AND RELATED SURGERY Costouros, J. G., Clavert, P., Warner, J. J. 2006; 22 (10)


Arthroscopic repair of posterior shoulder instability is becoming an accepted method of treatment. Most surgeons perform this procedure with the patient in a lateral decubitus position to facilitate access to the posterior glenoid. We have developed an accessory portal placed through the midportion of the rotator cuff that allows easy and complete viewing of the posterior glenohumeral joint when the patient is in a beach chair position and does not require the use of traction. This portal provides a superior-to-inferior view of the posterior glenoid rim and capsule and allows use of anterior and posterior routine portals for posterior Bankart repair. In this study, the technique of posterior labral repair in the beach chair position with use of the trans-cuff portal is described, and preliminary results in 5 patients at an average follow-up of 24 months are presented. Through this approach, we were able to place 3 anchors, with the lowest at the 7 o'clock position (for a right shoulder), in all patients. Mean American Shoulder Elbow Surgeons (ASES) score improved from 53 +/- 15 preoperatively to 87 +/- 8 postoperatively (P < .01). All patients had an excellent result with complete resolution of pain and instability.

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