Bone related events in high risk prostate cancer JOURNAL OF UROLOGY Srinivas, S., Colocci, N. 2006; 176 (6): S50-S54


We provide recommendations for defining and treating bone related events in high risk prostate cancer.A focused literature review was done.Men with prostate cancer often have osteoporosis and osteopenia even before initiating androgen deprivation therapy. After starting androgen deprivation therapy they experience accelerated bone loss. Bone mineral density is the most common tool to assess the degree of bone loss, although the use of bone turnover markers for this purpose is being actively explored. Bisphosphonates are effective for increasing bone mineral density and treating osteoporosis. The benefits derived from bisphosphonates should be weighed against the adverse effects, including the risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw. Treatment is indicated in patients with prostate cancer with osteoporosis and it may be considered in patients with osteopenia and/or additional risk factors. The time of initiation of therapy and duration of treatment have not been conclusively established.Prolonged androgen deprivation therapy results in bone loss and it has a potential to impact quality of life. Additional research is needed to characterize patients who would benefit from therapy and optimize strategies to prevent osteoporosis.

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