Macular hole with retinal pigment epithelium hyperplasia simulating neoplasm OPHTHALMIC SURGERY LASERS & IMAGING Pilyugina, S. A., Moshfeghi, D. M., Goldsmith, J., Kaiser, P. K. 2006; 37 (6): 484-485


A case in which a retinal pigment epithelium migration through a stage IV macular hole onto the retinal surface simulated a retinal pigment epithelium neoplasm is described. A 69-year-old woman presented with a hyperpigmented membranous retinal surface growth temporal to a stage IV macular hole in the left eye. Clinical examination and optical coherence tomography were performed prior to pars plana vitrectomy with membrane peeling. Histopathologic processing revealed melanosomes and retinal pigment epithelium with no evidence of neoplastic cells. Retinal pigment epithelium migration can occur through a full-thickness macular hole onto the retinal surface, simulating a retinal pigment epithelium neoplasm. It may be a poor prognostic indicator for visual success.

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