Motor cortex stimulation and neuropathic facial pain. Neurosurgical focus Henderson, J. M., Lad, S. P. 2006; 21 (6): E6-?


Trigeminal neuropathic pain is a syndrome of severe, constant facial pain related to disease of or injury to the trigeminal nerve or ganglion. Causes of this type of pain can include injury from sinus or dental surgery, skull and/or facial trauma, or intentional destruction for therapeutic reasons (deafferentation) as well as intrinsic pathological conditions in any part of the trigeminal system. Motor cortex stimulation (MCS) is a relatively new technique that has shown some promise in the treatment of trigeminal neuropathic pain. This technique has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of chronic pain. The authors present a review of the literature, focusing on surgical technique, device programming, safety, and efficacy, and suggest some initial guidelines for standardization of these aspects. It is important to evaluate MCS critically in a prospective, controlled fashion.

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