Role of image-guided vascular intervention in therapeutic angiogenesis translational research. Expert review of cardiovascular therapy Hwang, G. L., Patel, T. H., Hofmann, L. V. 2007; 5 (5): 903-915


Therapeutic angiogenesis, the process of growing collateral blood vessels to better perfuse ischemic tissue, has been hailed as an up-and-coming treatment for symptomatic lower-extremity peripheral arterial occlusive disease. A minimally invasive durable treatment would be welcome since current treatment options for this disease carry high risk, limited efficacy or limited durability. Unfortunately, as evidenced by disappointing results in multiple clinical trials, therapeutic angiogenesis has yet to deliver in humans the success it has seen in animal models. In this review, we discuss the challenges of translating therapeutic angiogenesis into effective clinical treatments for lower-extremity peripheral arterial occlusive disease and we highlight the role that experts in image-guided vascular interventions can play in advancing the field.

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