Self-reporting software for bipolar disorder: Validation of ChronoRecord by patients with mania PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH Bauer, M., Wilson, T., Neuhaus, K., Sasse, J., Pfennig, A., Lewitzka, U., Grof, P., Glenn, T., Rasgon, N., Bschor, T., Whybrow, P. C. 2008; 159 (3): 359-366


With the widespread recognition of the value of active patient participation in their care, ChronoRecord software was developed to automate daily self-reporting by patients with bipolar disorder. A prior study demonstrated concurrent validity between self-ratings on ChronoRecord and clinician ratings on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAMD), but validity with the Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS) could not be shown due to a lack of data when the outpatients were manic (Bauer et al., Bipolar Disorders 6, 67-74, 2004). This study expanded upon the prior validation study to include inpatients with mania. Self-reported mood ratings on ChronoRecord and clinician ratings on the YMRS were obtained on the same day from 27 inpatients (57 ratings); these data were also combined with the ratings from the 80 outpatients (total 107 patients, 340 ratings). Using Pearson correlation, the self-reported ratings on ChronoRecord were significantly correlated with the YMRS. The accuracy of ChronoRecord to discriminate hypomania and mania was high, as described by the area under the receiver operating characteristic curve. Post-hoc analysis of the level of agreement between ChronoRecord and YMRS ratings was excellent or good in all cases using the kappa statistic. These data demonstrate concurrent validity between ChronoRecord and YMRS.

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