Analysis of Outcomes and Cost of Inpatient and Ambulatory Anterior Cervical Disk Replacement Using a State-level Database. Clinical spine surgery Purger, D. A., Pendharkar, A. V., Ho, A. L., Sussman, E. S., Veeravagu, A. n., Ratliff, J. K., Desai, A. M. 2019


Outpatient cervical artificial disk replacement (ADR) is a promising candidate for cost reduction. Several studies have demonstrated low overall complications and minimal readmission in anterior cervical procedures.The objective of this study was to compare clinical outcomes and cost associated between inpatient and ambulatory setting ADR.Outcomes and cost were retrospectively analyzed for patients undergoing elective ADR in California, Florida, and New York from 2009 to 2011 in State Inpatient and Ambulatory Databases.A total of 1789 index ADR procedures were identified in the inpatient database (State Inpatient Databases) compared with 370 procedures in the ambulatory cohort (State Ambulatory Surgery and Services Databases). Ambulatory patients presented to the emergency department 19 times (5.14%) within 30 days of the index procedure compared with 4.2% of inpatients. Four unique patients underwent readmission within 30 days in the ambulatory ADR cohort (1% total) compared with 2.2% in the inpatient ADR group. No ambulatory ADR patients underwent a reoperation within 30 days. Of the inpatient ADR group, 6 unique patients underwent reoperation within 30 days (0.34%, Charlson Comorbidity Index zero=0.28%, Charlson Comorbidity Index>0=0.6%). There was no significant difference in emergency department visit rate, inpatient readmission rate, or reoperation rates within 30 days of the index procedure between outpatient or inpatient ADR. Outpatient ADR is noninferior to inpatient ADR in all clinical outcomes. The direct cost was significantly lower in the outpatient ADR group ($11,059 vs. 17,033; P<0.001). The 90-day cumulative charges were significantly lower in the outpatient ADR group (mean $46,404.03 vs. $80,055; P<0.0001).ADR can be performed in an ambulatory setting with comparable morbidity, readmission rates, and lower costs, to inpatient ADR.

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