Cardiometabolic-Renal Disease in South Asians: Consensus Recommendations from the Cardio Renal Society of America CARDIORENAL MEDICINE Vijayaraghavan, K., McCullough, P. A., Singh, B., Gupta, M., Enas, E., Mohan, V., Misra, A., Deedwania, P., Brinton, E. A., Vijayaraghavan, K., McCullough, P., Singh, B., Neff, J., Rausch, J., Petrides, S., Katsulis, Y., Ivie, J., Deedwania, P., Gupta, M., Nanda, N. C., Enas, E., Mohan, V., Joshi, S., Misra, A., Brinton, E. A., Mudaliar, S., Kanaya, A. M., Palaniappan, L., Rao, G., Zaman, J., Kerkar, P., Ganda, O., Fonseca, V., Pergola, P., Tumlin, J., Nigwekar, S., Varma, N., Packham, D., Phatarpekar, A., Wong, N., Gupta, R., Malik, S., Contractor, A., Soman, S., Chadha, N., Consensus Panel Steering Comm 2019; 9 (4): 240–51


Rates of cardiometabolic-renal disease are extremely high among South Asians (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, the Maldives, and Nepal) residing in their home countries and worldwide. The Cardio Renal Society of America, National Kidney Foundation of Arizona, and Twinepidemic Inc. convened a task force to examine evidence and reach consensus regarding cardiometabolic-renal disease prevention in South Asians. The task force distilled the findings from 5 years of face-to-face and virtual meetings addressing questions derived from expert reviews of published data using the Delphi technique to create these consensus statements.Several high-quality observational studies document the high and increasing incidence and prevalence of cardiometabolic-renal disease among South Asians, starting well before adulthood, owing to genetic, cultural, and environmental factors. Despite the need for additional prospective studies, especially randomized trials, of educational, screening, and other prevention efforts, sufficient information is already available to expand and intensify ongoing efforts in professional and lay education to help control this epidemic. The task force proposes to provide this expansion over the next 10 years through scientific and lay publications and other educational programs to promote more effective action among the public, health care professionals, payers, and regulators in screening for and treating cardiometabolic-renal risk factors and preventing disease in South Asians, starting at an early age. Key Messages: These consensus statements describe risk factors and prognoses characteristic of South Asians regarding cardiometabolic-renal diseases, to aid physician decision-making, health care system delivery, and research initiatives to improve the quality of care for South Asians worldwide.

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