Case series of sebelipase alfa hypersensitivity reactions and successful sebelipase alfa rapid desensitization. JIMD reports Huffaker, M. F., Liu, A. Y., Enns, G. M., Vijay, S., Amor, A. J., Adkinson, N. F. 2019; 49 (1): 30–36


Allergic immune-mediated hypersensitivity reactions are known potential complications of enzyme replacement therapy. Sebelipase alfa, recombinant lysosomal acid lipase (LAL), is a potentially life-altering treatment for patients with LAL deficiency. There is very little information on the diagnosis and management of immediate hypersensitivity reactions to this drug. Here we present three unique cases of hypersensitivity reactions to sebelipase alfa, spanning a broad age spectrum from infancy to adulthood, each managed with successful rapid desensitization.

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