Combined hormonal contraception and migraine: are we being too strict? Current opinion in obstetrics & gynecology Voedisch, A. J., Hindiyeh, N. 2019


PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Combined hormonal contraception has been contraindicated in migraines, especially in migraines with aura, because of ischemic stroke risk. Newer formulations are now available and physicians may unnecessarily be limiting access to contraceptive and medical therapeutic options for patients with migraines. This review summarizes the available data regarding ischemic stroke risk of modern combined hormonal contraception in the setting of migraines.RECENT FINDINGS: Limited data exists on current formulations of combined hormonal contraception and outcomes in migraine patients. Studies indicate ischemic stroke risk may be estrogen dose related with high dose formulations having the highest risk. Absolute risk of ischemic stroke with combined hormonal contraception and migraines is low.SUMMARY: Ischemic stroke risk in combined hormonal contraception users in the setting of migraines is low and an individual approach may be more appropriate than current guidelines.

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