RACE DOES NOT AFFECT THE PERFORMANCE OF ROUTINELY AVAILABLE NONINVASIVE TESTS FOR THE DISCRIMINATION OF ADVANCED FIBROSIS DUE TO NONALCOHOLIC STEATOHEPATITIS (NASH) IN THE PHASE 3 STELLAR TRIALS OF SELONSERTIB Wong, V., Tak, W., Goh, G., Cheng, P., Lawitz, E. J., Younossi, Z. M., Vuppalanchi, R., Bzowej, N. H., Younes, Z., Alkhouri, N., Wang, Y., Kersey, K., Li, G., Camargo, M., Myers, R. P., Djedjos, C., Harrison, S. A., Goodman, Z. D., Trauner, M. H., Romero-Gomez, M., Anstee, Q. M., Sarin, S., Nguyen, M. H., Okanoue, T. WILEY. 2019: 1029A–1030A

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