Propensity-matched Comparison of Outcomes and Costs After Macroscopic and Microscopic Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Using a National Longitudinal Database. Spine Ho, A. L., Rezaii, P. G., Pendharkar, A. V., Sussman, E. S., Veeravagu, A., Ratliff, J. K., Desai, A. M. 2019; 44 (21): E1281–E1288


STUDY DESIGN: A retrospective analysis of national longitudinal database.OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to examine the outcomes and cost-effectiveness of operating microscope utilization in anterior cervical corpectomy (ACC).SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: The operating microscope allows for superior visualization and facilitates ACC with less manipulation of tissue and improved decompression of neural elements. However, many groups report no difference in outcomes with increased cost associated with microscope utilization.METHODS: A longitudinal database (MarketScan) was utilized to identify patients undergoing ACC with or without microscope between 2007 and 2016. Propensity matching was performed to normalize differences between the two cohorts. Outcomes and costs were subsequently compared.RESULTS: A total of 11,590 patients were identified for the "macroscopic" group, while 4299 patients were identified for the "microscopic" group. For the propensity-matched analysis, 4298 patients in either cohort were successfully matched according to preoperative characteristics. Hospital length of stay was found to be significantly longer in the macroscopic group than the microscopic group (1.86 nights vs. 1.56 nights, P?

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