Endoscopic Diagnosis of Nonpedunculated Dysplasia during Surveillance of Ulcerative Colitis: A Survey-Based Multinational Study. Gut and liver Yang, D., John, S., Mitsuhiro, F., Cha, J. M., Byeon, J., Kim, H. W., Kim, H. G., Friedland, S., Koh, Y. X., Yoon, J., Kwak, M., Ye, B. D., Kim, J., Yang, S. 2019


Background/Aims: Endoscopic diagnosis of dysplasia or colitic cancer in patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) is more challenging than that of colorectal neoplasia in non-colitic patients. We aimed to evaluate the accuracy of the endoscopic diagnosis of "nonpedunculated" dysplasia or colitic cancer in UC patients.Methods: Ten endoscopists from four countries were surveyed using photographs of 61 histologically confirmed dysplastic or non-dysplastic lesions retrieved from the UC registry database of Asan Medical Center. The participants provided their assessment based on the given photographs and their intention to perform biopsy.Results: The overall diagnostic performance of the 10 participants is summarized as follows: sensitivity of 88.2% (95% confidence interval [CI], 84.3% to 91.5%), specificity of 34.8% (95% CI, 29.1% to 40.8%), positive predictive value of 63.0% (95% CI, 60.8% to 65.2%), negative predictive value of 70.2% (95% CI, 62.7% to 76.6%), and accuracy of 64.6% (95% CI, 60.7% to 68.4%). The interobserver agreement on the intention to perform a biopsy was poor (Fleiss kappa=0.169). Of the three endoscopic characteristics of the lesions, including ulceration, distinctness of the borders, and pit patterns, only neoplastic pit patterns were significantly predictive of dysplasia (odds ratio, 3.710; 95% CI, 2.001 to 6.881). The diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of neoplastic pit patterns were 68.2% (95% CI, 63.0% to 73.2%) and 63.3% (95% CI, 57.3% to 69.1%), respectively.Conclusions: Diagnostic performance based on the endoscopist's intention to perform a biopsy for nonpedunculated potentially dysplastic lesions in UC patients was suboptimal according to this survey-based study.

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