Expanded Spectrum of Antiretroviral-Selected Mutations in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 2. The Journal of infectious diseases Tzou, P. L., Descamps, D., Rhee, S., Raugi, D. N., Charpentier, C., Taveira, N., Smith, R. A., Soriano, V., de Mendoza, C., Holmes, S. P., Gottlieb, G. S., Shafer, R. W. 2020


INTRODUCTION: HIV-1 and HIV-2 differ in their antiretroviral (ARV) susceptibilities and drug resistance mutations (DRMs).METHODS: We analyzed published HIV-2 pol sequences to identify HIV-2 treatment-selected mutations (TSMs). Mutation prevalences were determined by HIV-2 group and ARV status. Nonpolymorphic mutations were those in <1% of ARV-naive persons. TSMs were those associated with ARV therapy after multiple comparisons adjustment.RESULTS: We analyzed protease (PR) sequences from 483 PR inhibitor (PI)-naive and 232 PI-treated persons; RT sequences from 333 nucleoside RT inhibitor (NRTI)-naive and 252 NRTI-treated persons; and integrase (IN) sequences from 236 IN inhibitor (INSTI)-naive and 60 INSTI-treated persons. In PR, 12 nonpolymorphic TSMs occurred in =11 persons: V33I, K45R, V47A, I50V, I54M, T56V, V62A, A73G, I82F, I84V, F85L, L90M. In RT, 9 nonpolymorphic TSMs occurred in =10 persons: K40R, A62V, K70R, Y115F, Q151M, M184VI, S215Y. In IN, 11 nonpolymorphic TSMs occurred in =4 persons: Q91R, E92AQ, T97A, G140S, Y143G, Q148R, A153G, N155H, H156R, R231 5-amino acid insertions. Nine of 32 nonpolymorphic TSMs were previously unreported.CONCLUSIONS: This meta-analysis confirmed the ARV association of previously reported HIV-2 DRMs and identified novel TSMs. Genotypic and phenotypic studies of HIV-2 TSMs will improve approaches to predicting HIV-2 ARV susceptibility and treating HIV-2-infected persons.

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